Basement Remodeling

Whether your basement is already finished or unfinished, Noticeable Change Construction can remodel it to make it fit you perfectly!


Basement Remodeling Process:

At the design stage, we try to incorporate existing support columns where possible. But where not possible, we may recommend some structural changes. Adding windows in concrete walls, relocating the well tank, adding Bathrooms where no plumbing is nearby, turning a backfilled poured wall into a beautiful walkout Basement- we’ve done it all! Our design capabilities will bring this space to life like you’ve never imagined possible! We will make sure that your basement remodel looks great!


At the construction stage we remodel like we’re working in our own homes. Protection measures, cleanliness and communication are as paramount as the high quality of the work being done. Our capabilities and owner consideration put us among the premier Noticeable Change Construction.


At the finish stage we’d like to make the Basement feel like part of the original house. Be careful though, because it will end up so nice, you may want to spend all your time in your new Basement!